Kawasaki-genen voor nieuwe Bimota Tesi H2

Kawasaki maakt revival van Bimota mogelijk

6 nov 2019, 15:59  •  Nieuws  •  Door Bart Oostvogels

Kawasaki Motors Europe neemt in samenwerking met KHI Group het Italiaanse Bimota over om een revival van Bimota te realiseren. Onder de tijdelijke bedrijfsnaam Italian Motorcycle Investment – kortweg IMI – zal Kawasaki modellen ontwikkelen en deze onder de noemer Bimota verkopen.

Bimota Tesi H2

Het eerste model is al gepresenteerd: de Bimota Tesi H2 met naafsturing. De Bimota Tesi H2 heeft genen van de Ninja H2 superbike en heeft dus ook een supercharger. De naar verwachting 231 pk sterke Tesi H2 komt in 2020 op de markt. In dat jaar hoopt IMI er 200 exemplaren van te verkopen. Het hoofdkantoor van IMI is te vinden in Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italië.

IMI slechts tijdelijke naam

IMI is overigens maar een tijdelijke naam. Na overdracht van de aandelen van Bimota S.A., wordt de naam IMI weer omgezet naar Bimota S.p.A.. Bij het project zijn ook TESI-bedenker Pierluigi Marconi en B and Motion S.A. (voorheen Bimota S.A.) betrokken. Dat laatste bedrijf krijgt 50,1 procent van de aandelen en Kawasaki Motors Europe krijgt 49,9 procent.

Foto’s Bimota Tesi H2

Zo is het gegaan…

Mr. Hiroshi Ito, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Motorcycle & Engine Company, Planning Division Manager: “I am Hiroshi Ito from Kawasaki Japan. I’m very happy and very excited to be able to share the revival of BIMOTA here with you all. Kawasaki has established Italian Motorcycle Investment here in Italy as a subsidiary of Kawasaki Motors Europe. At this stage, we are in the process of having BIMOTA S.A.’s trademarks registered in the name of our company. Once that has been completed, IMI will be renamed BIMOTA S.P.A., with B and Motion S.A. (former BIMOTA S.A.) as 50.1%,and Kawasaki Motors Europe as 49.9% shareholders. The story has began three years ago. A small investment bank approached us inquiring if we were interested in an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. The company name was veiled, but when I checked the documents I instantly noticed. Oh it’s BIMOTA !!!. Yes, that BIMOTA. For motorcycle enthusiast at my age, BIMOTA was legendary motorcycles that we used to dream of with its incredible chassis, jewel-like parts and an unaffordable price tag. I immediately flew to Milan and met Sig. Marco, CEO of BIMOTA S.A. November, 2016 — just three years ago. He talked he was so excited about his racing activity on BIMOTA, I thought “this project will be a success”. Because he is a real motorcycle enthusiast. Later, I had the chance to spend almost whole day with BIMOTA’s legendary designer Sig, Marconi. We forgot all about the time when we talked. “Combining this engine and that chassis… adding these parts… we can make a great bike.” I was convinced our project will make a great success and we can make new history. BIMOTA is Italian premium motorcycle brand born and grown in Rimini, Italy and has been passionately loved by motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world who really understand value. BIMOTA is a jewel of Italy. So It must be based in Rimini, Italy. It must be designed by Italian designers. And it must be built by Italian craftsmen otherwise it will lose it value. So, our mission is clear, we will support Sig. Marconi and his team will make new legendary history of BIMOTA with Kawasaki’s legendary engines! We’d like declare now BIMOTA is here as most premium motorcycle in the world.”

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